Tammy Rooke - Yoga teacher/Owner

Tammy began teaching in 2009 when she commenced Level 1 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program with The Yoga Space in West Perth. She was drawn toward this path by her love of yoga, physical movement, health & wellness. Tammy discovered Yoga when she was 17 and it became  a regular practice  offering her relief of migraines and helped manage mental and emotional health issues. She continually draws on this ancient practice to keep her grounded and help her return to her center. It is especially  a gift of presence she draws upon to enhance and give strength to her everyday living as mother, daughter, student, teacher and friend.

Tammy is mother to three daughters two which she home-birthed here in Perth. She is Registered Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia and is currently undertaking Living Yoga Therapy Program (registered aayt). She is has Working with Children Check from Government of WA, and First Aid  & CPR training. She runs Blue lotus yoga classes & workshops with her yoga teacher Dad, Keith.

Keith Jacobson - Yoga teacher/Co-owner

Keith began practicing yoga in 2008 because he had health problems due to years of working long hours in stressful jobs. He realised a lifestyle change was desperately needed. He missed his young, ambitious, active self and yearned for a quality lifestyle. A year later his daughter introduced him to the practice of Astanga yoga at Yoga Space West Perth and he was immediately hooked into this ancient practice. It initiated in Keith the physical and spiritual connection he had been looking for and in 2011 began his journey to become a yoga teacher. Keith graduated early 2012 and is Certified Hatha Vinyasa Teacher, Yoga Australia Registered Level 1 Teacher.

During his teacher training it became clear to Keith where his journey was heading and he wanted to teach yoga and share the health benefits. He is specialised teaching yoga to seniors and has completed further courses in Yin and Yin Yang yoga.

Having experienced damaged spinal health, injuries, sickness and dealing with their associated challenges deepens Keith’s understanding and compassion of how people may struggle with health in their daily lives. The benefits of yoga has given him a quality of life to be a better person to those who inspire him the most, and improved his relationships as a husband, father and friend. 

Keith is married to a wonderful woman, has 2 loving adult children and 3 amazing grandchildren. Keith is following a dream occupation… giving goodness to people.

Keith and Tammy are both members and registered yoga teachers with Yoga Australia. They are committed to their continuing personal and professional development, self-study and  yoga practice.