Yoga for Pregnancy

Photo by Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock / Getty Images


Preparing for motherhood. 

For some of us this significant time softens us in a way we didn't realise we were capable, and as women for all of us pregnancy changes us with its exceptional and exclusive season. It is a humbling and divine experience to plant a seed and watch it grow even though the conditions can be challenging at times. Ante-natal yoga helps to strengthen your body and mind during pregnancy while accounting for how it changes and grows every day in rhythm with your baby's continual development. Tune in, slow down, listen intently from within to your inner cue. Soothe away pregnancy strains and discomforts, calm your mind and nerves as you tap into your body's wisdom, strength and capabilities and realise how your body was built for this journey. 

You can buy into course or attend casually if their is space, from 35 weeks attendance is casual.            

Yoga for Pregnancy course run in 5 week cycles with a week rest. You can join at any time during a course if there is space.