Blue Lotus Yoga classes timetable 2019

Our regular classes run on a casual drop-in basis so no need to book unless its indicated as such.

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Yoga for Healthy Ageing 



Vinyasa 1 & 2

75 mins

Yoga for Healthy Ageing is designed to suit all ages and is great when your welcoming a slower easier pace. They say Use it or lose it oh so true! This class works on your mobility & flexibility, gently building strength in your arms, your core, your legs and your balance.  If you’re getting to the stage where you’re worried about losing the ability to get down and up from floor level, this yoga will help you.  In every class we also use techniques to help improve your breathing, relaxation and mindfulness


Any of our classes with the mention of Vinyasa in the name denote incorporating a flowing sequence of yoga postures linked together with movement, a conscious breath, and moments of stillness. This style of yoga will heat and strengthen your body and spirit, stretch your muscles, and may occasionally ask you to see the world from  a different angle when we are taken into poses that challenge the way we look at ourselves and the world around us. Vinyasa 1 :: beginners/entry level. Vinyasa 2 :: general/mixed ability

Yin yoga

75 mins


Yin yoga is a deliciously challenging deep tissue stretch which serves to access the deeper connective tissues of the body. Here you will be encouraged to embrace letting go of your physical form in seated yoga postures. This will allow the muscles to relax so you can work to deform and reform the not so pliable fascia of the body. To achieve this deep surrender you are led to hold the postures for a longer period of time ranging from 1min- 10mins depending on the posture and intention of the class. This class is appropriate for all levels of yogi's new and seasoned. 

Yoga for Pregnancy 

75 mins

Pregnancy, birth and beyond! Ante-natal yoga will help to strengthen your body and calm your mind and nerves. Pregnancy yoga can strengthen and stretch your changing and growing body and help prepare you for birthing your baby. Being active and consciously engaged with your body during pregnancy and birth is linked with  a naturally facilitated birth,  more comfortable post-partum period and a quicker recovery.



Chair yoga

60 mins


Why stand when you can sit. Especially if your lower limbs and joints need supporting. Chair yoga brings the practice of yoga without loading the hips and the knees. It still encourages controlled weight bearing, stretching and building strength in the muscles and tissues of the lower limbs, knees and hips but with a stable seated foundation for the body. An all over body stretch is experienced in this class which is particularly suitable to seniors many of which have expressed an improved sense of body awareness.

Restorative & Relaxation

75 mins

The ultimate in slowing down the breath, the body, the mind and taking it easy. Here with Restorative we do take care to have a sense of alignment through the body as we hold and move through postures with a strong focus on using these postures in their gentlest form. Even though Restorative has positive effects on releasing tensions through the body, the biggest release is that of the mind. Restorative calms and soothes the nervous system, teaches to slow down, move back from the depth of stretch, and realise the benefits of not pushing deep but simply letting go with a quiet unassuming core strength. Classes combine some longer seated & meditative holds blended with vinyasa like movements to loosen the joints and move the energy.