Corporate Yoga Classes 


Take the time to relax at work.  Work better, see the fruits of mindful action!

We are gifted to live in an era where mindfulness practices are being recognised worldwide for  there numerous benefits psychologically, physically and holistically.

Bringing this gift of yoga into your workplace can help to manifest yogic benefits in the individuals of a workplace which in turn helps manifest happier, healthier individuals with improved focus and strengthened immunity. 

Corporate yoga  can be a 40 - 60 min session once a week at an agreed time. We come to your workplace and conduct a tailored yoga class to suit the needs of the people in your workplace.

Don’t have a suitable space at your workplace? Perhaps we can help arrange the hiring of a nearby shire or church facility at which to hold the class.

Corporate yoga can have positive influence in helping to ground, centre and balance an individuals state of mind and help them feel clearer and more focused as they move through there day and continue with there work. Not to mention relieve physical tensions and tightnesses in the body.

Blue Lotus Yoga Studio teachers are accredited with Yoga Australia, are safe, reliable and knowledgable on their field of expertise with more than a decade of experience, and are dedicated practitioners of the yoga path.

Corporate classes run in-line with the school terms.

Contact us today find out more and book your Corporate Yoga! 0410 956 668