What is Yoga Nidra :: Yogic Sleep

Did you know you can acquire the effects of a deep restorative, rejuvenating nourishing nights sleep without actually going to bed.

This is what Yoga Nidra can create for one.

Sanskrit term Yoga Nidra translates as sleep and even though one may appear to be asleep the consciousness is actually ascended to function at a deeper level of inner awareness. A psychic sleep.

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New Moon :: Lunar energies :: revealing your dark side

If there is no darkness, there can be no light!

New moon signifies the completion of a 28-day lunar cycle and is a wonderful grounding inward energy. This lunar phase naturally complements focus of possibilities to be opening to your Self, to question old habits, beliefs & behaviours so that new ways can come to us through many pathways from the consciousness of the universe

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