New Moon :: Lunar energies :: revealing your dark side

If there is no darkness, there can be no light!

New moon signifies the completion of a 28-day lunar cycle and is a wonderful grounding inward energy.  Metaphorically or otherwise this is literally the best time to plant seeds according to the gardeners almanac when the pull of the moon's energy is at its least so the seeds can focus on sending its roots down into the earth. This lunar phase naturally complements focus on planting seeds, using your beginner's mind to make a fresh start or turn over a new leaf, and the possibilities of opening your Self to question old habits, beliefs, behaviours, and to be an open channel to welcome and explore new ways of progress. 

The workings of luna magic are not confined to a structured time once they have entered our lives, though, certain aspects may correlate at those same certain times during each phase. Depending on one's spiritual path, conscious perception, intentions and empowerment of manifest, along with your natural unique processing style; all these will influence the strength of content. The universe will only deliver what you are strong enough to live. Irrelevant of if you are consciously or unconsciously transmitting, receiving & processing. The Moon will continue to revolve around our ancient planet and as it does waxing and waning (pulling and releasing), effecting the tides of the waters of this planet and influencing us through its signature tunes associated with each lunar phase. 

New ways can come to us through many pathways from the consciousness of the universe. As the individual consciousness if you are prepared to choose to allow yourself to be open to receive information then you may find yourself learning the tools to help you gain further knowledge and understanding of Yourself. We are each part of the universe, as is all life. On the path to Self-discovery and Self-exploration many connections occur between yourself and others giving illumination, meaning and often revealing a depth in things that may have otherwise seemed unlit.

Watch the interactions, experiences, contact that you have with others, with nature. Choose to see your reactions or thinking-habits and opt for not getting drawn in to the blame-game. Imagine yourself instead seeing in these moments that their are no winners, no losers, just an open white space where you hear and see everything as if for the first time. When feelings arise to the information or experiences you are receiving ask yourself, what are these feelings? Give the feelings names. Identify them. Do you notice any patterns? Keep a journal it is extremely helpful to write things down. You already know how releasing it feels when you have written a letter or note (electronic or otherwise) that you didn’t send. Also how enlightening it can be to reflect back on your written word and see through that experience when it has passed.

For some of us its so easy to know what one should do to pursue a path of enlightenment, to seek inner wisdom, to connect with your higher consciousness, to improve, or maintain your health & wellbeing. For others it seems strange and unfamiliar to even hear these suggestions. Cultivating skills to help us most in our times of fierce ignorance or mindless oblivion by using practices of mindfulness like Asana practice (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), relaxation will enable you to build an inner strength and clarity that encourages calmness in times of stress, anger, and other troubling emotional states. But its when we need these tools the most that they can seem so far from our reach, in fact with me in my times of extreme darkness and confusion the tools cease to exist within any sense of my being. Then slowly the light within shines and I ask myself to try and remember these useful skills for next time. 

Ultimately, there will always be a next time. Its not the content of the experience. Its the pattern with which you react to the content that needs to change, to evolve. We all need to honour our dark side, our yin energy, our feminine qualities. It is through allowing for yin and darkness to arise when it does that we can learn to not fear the darkness but welcome it as part of the many facets of our multifaceted beings, in doing so beginning to find balance. Yin Yang :: Darkness Light :: Feminine Masculine.

For our Asana practice we can take this New Moon to inspire a quieter, restorative even deep tissue Yin yoga stretching practice. Some lineages of asana practice take New & Full moon days as days of rest. Whatever you choose to do, and style of asana you choose to practice the physical focus being on finding your strength to not push the body, but to draw back and explore a mindful gentle approach to being in each asana. The joints can be drier at this time, you may even feel more tired, perhaps feeling your energy wanting draw inward - these are typical New Moon vibes. Welcome them and go with their flow.

How to Build and Cultivate skills to help inner fortification and clarity....through maintaining a regular practice like once or more each week, every week for the rest of your life of asana, pranayama, relaxation & mindfulness. Practice them all. And just practice Yoga everyday.