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Beginners Yoga Workshop MAR 5-week course

Beginners Yoga Workshop 

5 week course | Mar 12 - 9 Apr 2017 | BOOK NOW

Yoga is for everyone. On this course we cover the foundational yoga postures and learn how to listen to our body. We will guide you through basic yoga poses and techniques so that you can learn your limitations and find out how to adapt and modify YOUR yoga practice. Over the 6 week course you attend one 90min session per week at the end of the 90mins each session we share tea, light vegetarian snacks and free talk. In relation to basic foundational yoga postures and technique this course aims to provide you with developing  mind-body awareness and to prepare you for practicing in beginner/entry level and mixed ability/general yoga classes.

Our intention is that completion of the course will equip students to develop awareness of their physical range of movement and have the confidence and ability to practise within the limitations of THEIR body's capabilities in any general or mixed level yoga class. -- team blue Lotus
  •        Every Sunday 11am-12:30pm for 5 weeks.
  •        Light homework at each session for you to do over the week
  •        This is a workshop and requires you to question and delve into your experience. We will be there to teach and guide.
  •        At the end of each session we will supply tea and light vegetarian snacks to enjoy
  •        Includes two free class passes for you to use at any of our drop-in/casual classes
  •        Limited to a small group
  •        Your investment $150 per person 

Interested in this course? Send us an email and we'll add you to the mailing list so you can have first refusal to book into the next course.