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Stay calm, Slow down & do nothing :: Yin + Slow Flow

Yin + Slow Flow workshop

The qualities of Yin ask we bring softness and gentleness as we use the poses to get into our body.  Around us right now is a lot of Yang energy - culmination of recitals, tournaments, presentations, graduations, end of year climax, festivity preparations, time-watching, projecting... lots of exciting energy, transitions and change! Keeping grounded right now, getting into your body and into your space will help you stay steady with ease and peace helping you go with the flow.

Yin+Slow Flow workshop. Along with the mental and emotional benefits to arouse serenity and acceptance within, the physical journey will stimulate meridians throughout your body. Here we'll do a whole body workout with some long deep Yin pose holds. Yin has the potential to wring out all the wintery kinks and knots, while the slow flow expels them from your energy. The 2-hour workshop allows a deeper practice into fascia tissue. Fascia is an integrating mesh that envelops our bones, organs and muscles and is a structural support holding our blood vessels and nerves in place. It is crucially important for overall health, ability to move, and proper functioning of our internal communication systems.

 Yin + Slow Flow is the perfect grounding remedy to unfurl your spring into summer.

SIGN UP                    2-hour workshop  ::  $45 per person   ::  Saturday 16th December

Later Event: December 22