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Saturday 29 April :: Yin Yang Yoga 9-10:15am // Yoga Nidra Contact 10:30-11:45am

Join me for an invigorating flowing sequence of Flying Dutch Dragon Yin-Yang yoga followed by a 1-hour deep sleep of Yoga Nidra. This Contact will leave you feeling grounded, open-hearted, renewed & refreshed, and ready to acknowledge & honour the inner Dark as well as the inner light. If there is no darkness, there can be no light!

New Moon Wednesday April 26 exposes energies often aligned with identifying and understanding one's inner dark side. The workings of luna magic are not confined to a structured time once they have entered our lives. Depending on one's spiritual path, conscious perception, intentions and empowerment of manifest, their natural processing; these will influence the strength of content. The universe will only deliver what you are strong enough to live. Irrelevant of if you are consciously or unconsciously transmitting, receiving & processing.  This new moon is about 'encouraging you to make sense of the strange invisible energies working away inside you. Shining a light on your inner dark can lead to a positive transformation, and liberation from guilt, fear and shame.' 

New moon signifies the completion of a 28-day lunar cycle and is a wonderful ground... Read more on New Moon energy here... 

What is Yoga Nidra?

These Contact’s are not about giving you answers, fixing problems, making you into anything. You already are perfect and complete. You already have the answers within you. Contact’s are like doorways into Self, leading us to our inner ‘home’, taking us True North to our divine higher consciousness. Don’t look for quick fixes. Welcome instead that you have all the time in the world to come to know yourself, to come to know others. Welcome to gently take your own hand and explore expanding your consciousness and enhance living your life through the myriad of colours that the Yogic path offers through its various practices.

Your investment options:

Class pass holders can use two sessions from your card email me to secure your place, or you can buy YIN YANG YOGA + YOGA NIDRA CONTACT here, where you will also find the option to attend just one of the two sessions on offer for this day.

Space is limited so please book in advance using the above options