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NEW MOON in GEMiNi :: Connecting with Mercury

Connecting with Mercury

Ready for a New Moon meditation? A wonderful healing energy through connecting with Mercury awaits you. Mercury helps to form connections, to communicate and to heal. He also serves to connect our inner dialogue to that of the outer world. Mercury, also known as Hermes possesses the keys of knowledge and carries messages between the Gods and humankind. Join Astrologer Jan Baldwin and yoga/meditation teacher Tammy this Friday night for a New Moon asana-restore & alchemistic meditation journey to connect with Mercury and this wonderful healing energy.

What you will need: Bring all of yourself into this contact experience. This is a time to prepare to be open, honest with yourself and surrender to the breath. Dress comfortably, bring water, we have a fully equipped studio but feel welcome to bring your own comforts.

$35 per person // $65 booking for 2 people

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This Friday 26th May at 03.44am the moon enters its first phase known as New Moon - when its orbit is not seen from the Earth, the moment when the Moon and the Sun have the same ecliptical longitude. Quite simply, its when the illuminated side of the moon faces away from us.

Friday 26th May 2017 cycle of New Moon is in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury also known as Hermes, and through the lens of slow asana + meditation you are invited to celebrate the New Moon in Gemini and Connect with Mercury/Hermes. Hermes is a healer but he is also the messenger of the Gods. After a slow asana to restore and open the physical body, and awaken consciousness with Tammy, Jan will take you on a guided meditation where we meet Mercury/Hermes the teacher to develop a communicative skill associated with the healing power of Hermes; for example speaking, writing, communicating all associated with Mercury/Hermes.

Jan is a professional astrologer and tarot reader with 30 years experience. She also teaches these esoteric arts. Her academic research led her to the practice of spiritual mediumship, healing and meditation. New to yoga but enjoying the connection of mind, body and spirit, Jan's resource of experience, rich knowledge, innate gentleness and wise presence enables her to give supportive and intuitive guidance.